About Son Volt Properties

Son Volt Properties LLC – Residential Services

I started Son Volt as a companion business to Real Estate; primarily managing property for seasonal residents and over-seeing rental property for out of state landlords. However being that I have a background in paint/tile and can perform most home repairs and do much of the work on flips myself, I found preforming these services for many of my clients was a natural.  But also keeping my “hands dirty” and working off the back of my truck, kept me a-float during the downturn. From 2008-2012, aside from short-sales and foreclosures, the “real estate business” meant differed maintenance, upkeep and repair on properties.  See a need-fill a need.

Today, even as my business as a Realtor is pretty flush.  I am not opposed to small tile and paint jobs.  Find there is always time to fit stuff in.

Interestingly, one problem that continues to show up at properties is termite damage.  Once termites have been treated on a property there is often-times wood on cabinets or windows that need to be remedied.  Having a background in woodworking allows me to fix with relative ease.

As we say here in AZ, “If you don’t have termites, your going to get them.”

These are just some of the items that come-up that I have funneled through Son Volt.

20141016_085809[1]Termite 420141016_094023[1]20141016_104641[1]20141016_104701[1]20141016_104556[1]


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